Warriors in Pink

The Power of Pink 


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with it comes the Power of Pink.  As you may know, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, second only to skin cancer.  But with early detection and yearly improvements in treatments, millions of women and men are surviving this deadly disease.  Throughout the month, Cherokee Uniforms has asked our social media followers to tell us about people in their lives who inspire them in their fight against cancer. We’ve read about a lot of heroes—parents, children, friends and colleagues, who put a face on the fight against cancer, like this one from Amanda Shafer, RN from Hutchinson, Kansas:

“My hero is my mom!  She fought and beat breast cancer. She has continued to show me daily how to love and cherish every moment of life. She also takes care of people no matter how they treat her or what they can give back. She makes me a stronger woman and a better nurse everyday!”

We are incredibly inspired by the remarkable stories of strength, courage and perseverance, and we take pride in raising awareness and joining in your fight.

To show our support, we have special styles, looks and colors specifically designed to enable you to also show your support for this worthy and meaningful cause.

Warriors in Pink
We are honored to partner with Ford Motor Company’s Warriors in Pink initiative in their fight against breast cancer by designing a scrubs collection with the Warriors in Pink theme.

Hope for a Cure Apparel
From breast cancer ribbon embroidery to decorative and ornate prints, you can show your support with unique Cherokee looks that provide encouragement, inspiration and hope.

We Invite You to Think Pink
We have a passion for pink that spreads across our collections. What’s your pink preference? There’s no better time to get your pink on and be a champion for change!

Calling All Warriors 

Hi friends! Have you heard about Warriors in Pink? For decades, Ford Motor Company has been dedicated to supporting the fight against breast cancer, and in 2006 they launched their Warriors in Pink program. All proceeds from Warriors in Pink products and gear are donated directly to breast cancer charities and organizations. In fact, Warriors in Pink has raised over $5.5 million so far!

Here at Cherokee, we are honored and delighted to take part in this special program, and we are proud to offer our own Warriors in Pink collection. What makes our Warriors in Pink apparel unique is the way in which it incorporates the many different symbols of the warrior.


The warrior symbols are literally and figuratively woven together by threads of strength, courage and hope. What better way to raise awareness and show support than by showing it on your scrubs?



Warriors in Pink Gear: V-Neck Top in Warriors in Pink and V-Neck Top in The Heart of a Warrior                       

For more information about Warriors in Pink, please visit Ford’s website. We hope you’ll put on your warrior gear and join in the fight!