Monthly Milestones

The Power of Pink 


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with it comes the Power of Pink.  As you may know, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, second only to skin cancer.  But with early detection and yearly improvements in treatments, millions of women and men are surviving this deadly disease.  Throughout the month, Cherokee Uniforms has asked our social media followers to tell us about people in their lives who inspire them in their fight against cancer. We’ve read about a lot of heroes—parents, children, friends and colleagues, who put a face on the fight against cancer, like this one from Amanda Shafer, RN from Hutchinson, Kansas:

“My hero is my mom!  She fought and beat breast cancer. She has continued to show me daily how to love and cherish every moment of life. She also takes care of people no matter how they treat her or what they can give back. She makes me a stronger woman and a better nurse everyday!”

We are incredibly inspired by the remarkable stories of strength, courage and perseverance, and we take pride in raising awareness and joining in your fight.

To show our support, we have special styles, looks and colors specifically designed to enable you to also show your support for this worthy and meaningful cause.

Warriors in Pink
We are honored to partner with Ford Motor Company’s Warriors in Pink initiative in their fight against breast cancer by designing a scrubs collection with the Warriors in Pink theme.

Hope for a Cure Apparel
From breast cancer ribbon embroidery to decorative and ornate prints, you can show your support with unique Cherokee looks that provide encouragement, inspiration and hope.

We Invite You to Think Pink
We have a passion for pink that spreads across our collections. What’s your pink preference? There’s no better time to get your pink on and be a champion for change!

Critical Care Awareness Month 

Hi friends! Did you know that May is Critical Care Awareness Month? We are delighted to honor critical care professionals and the incredible work they do each and every day. Patients are admitted to the ICU during the most vulnerable times in their lives, and the scope of knowledge, help and support that critical care workers provide to these patients and their families is beyond compare. Lives are saved every single day. While the care provided is indeed critical, it’s the professionals themselves who are truly key in aiding people during their time of greatest need.

As a way to celebrate and thank critical care professionals, it’s traditional to wear the color blue throughout May. In fact, ICUs are decorated in blue as a way to highlight this special month. Cherokee Uniforms is proud to offer many blue looks that are a perfect way to honor the blue-ribbon professionals working in critical care.

Luxe Mock Wrap Top in Galaxy Blue

Luxe: Mock Wrap Top in Galaxy Blue

Luxe Round Neck Pin-Tuck Top in Navy

Luxe: Round Neck Pin-Tuck Top in Navy


Cherokee Workwear Originals Button Front Top in Royal

Cherokee Workwear Originals: Button Front Top in Royal


Cherokee Workwear Originals Round Neck Top in Teal Blue

Cherokee Workwear Originals: Round Neck Top in Teal Blue


Cherokee Workwear Premium: Mock Wrap Top in Caribbean Blue

Cherokee Workwear Premium: Mock Wrap Top in Caribbean Blue


Cherokee Workwear Premium Men's V-Neck Top in Ciel

Cherokee Workwear Premium: Men’s V-Neck Top in Ciel


Flexibles Mock Wrap Knit Panel Top in Blue Mist

Flexibles: Mock Wrap Knit Panel Top in Blue Mist


Flexibles V-Neck Knit Panel Top in Turquoise

Flexibles: V-Neck Knit Panel Top in Turquoise


Runway V-Neck Top in Navy

Runway: V-Neck Top in Navy


Runway: V-Neck Top in Turquoise

Runway: V-Neck Top in Turquoise

Find the blue that’s right for you, and join us in supporting these heroes of the ICU.

All Smiles 

Hi friends! We hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. This month is literally jam-packed with smiles, as February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dental professionals from around the country join forces to spread the word about proper oral hygiene, especially for children and young adults. But as we all know, oral care is something that’s important for everyone.

The slogan for National Children’s Heath Month is “Join the Super Smile Team.” And not only have we hopped onboard the clean teeth bandwagon, but Cherokee has many scrub options that dental professionals and National Children’s Dental Health Month enthusiasts can really sink their teeth into. When it comes to dental care, healthcare, and what to wear, we’ve got you covered.


Mock Wrap Top in Owl Brush Every Day: Scrub H.Q.


Button Front Top in Owl Brush Every Day: Scrub H.Q.



V-Neck Top in Keep ‘em Clean!: Cherokee Prints


Snap Front Warm-Up Jacket in Keep ‘em Clean!: Cherokee Prints

We’d love to see photos of you and your group showing off your pearly whites in your Cherokee finest.

To learn more about National Children’s Dental Health Month, please visit the American Dental Association’s website.

We work tooth and nail to provide you with the most comfortable scrubs around. That’s what gives us a reason to smile!

Ready for Red 

February is a month that speaks to our hearts in so many different ways. In fact, did you know that February is American Heart Month?

When it comes to matters of the heart, you may be surprised to learn that heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the United States (more than all cancers combined). So in order to raise awareness for this important cause, the American Heart Association has named tomorrow, February 7th, National Wear Red Day. People across the United States are encouraged to wear red loud and proud tomorrow to show their support in the fight against heart disease.

Here at Cherokee, we’re pumped to participate in National Wear Red Day, and we have some red-hot looks that we know you’ll love. Plus, we’re excited to highlight a few of our heart-filled prints that are perfect for National Wear Red Day. They come straight from our heart to yours.

For more information about heart disease, prevention and National Wear Red Day, be sure to check out

V-Neck Knit Panel Top in Red and Mid-Rise Knit Waist Pull-On Pant in Red: Flexibles


Cherokee Workwear Originals Cardigan Warm-Up Jacket in Red


Cherokee Workwear Premium Jr. Fit Low-Rise Drawstring Cargo Pant in Red


You Gotta Have Heart: Flexibles


A Heart Days Night: Runway


Unchain My Heart: Flexibles

Have a picture of you and/or your team in red? Know a heart disease warrior with a story to tell? We’d love to hear from you. Together we can make tomorrow a red-letter day and win the battle against heart disease.

National Blood Donor Month 

Hi Cherokee friends! What’s the greatest nation in the world? Donation! And since January is National Blood Donor Month, we wanted to thank and honor those who have chosen to donate blood as well as the healthcare professionals and volunteers who assist with blood donations and drives. Giving blood changes lives and is a great way to start off the New Year. Whether you’re donating time, blood and/or financial backing, you’re performing an act of heroism and altruism, and we are proud to support this noble cause. Making any type of contribution makes all the difference.

In honor of National Blood Donor Month, we have some super special scrubs that are perfect for a month dedicated to donating. This is the year to give the gift that comes from the heart!

 Lucky In Love: Flexibles

 I Love Lace: Flexibles

 Let Your Love Shine: Runway

 Tip Top Shape: Runway

Want to learn more about National Blood Donor Month? Click here and share your heartfelt story with us.