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Hi friends! Here at Cherokee, we are always in awe of the work that healthcare professionals do each day. Their selfless and unwavering support of their patients, their dedication to causes they believe in and their passion for making a difference in the lives of others are what truly inspire us.

Today we have the opportunity to share one such story with you, as we profile Maggie Knight, a recent nursing school graduate. During her time at Stony Brook University, Maggie ran four charitable organizations, volunteered hundreds of hours of her time and steadfastly worked to raise funds for cancer. In fact, due to her hard work and commitment to fighting cancer, Stony Brook University received a charitable grant from the LIVESTRONG Foundation for a student-run camp for children of cancer patients. Because of Maggie’s altruism and generosity, she was also the winner of our 11th Annual Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award in the student nurse category. Mike Singer, CEO of Cherokee Uniforms, recognized Maggie for her dedication, compassion and commitment to those who are so deserving of help. Reflecting on the award he said, “She joins all of this year’s winners as a model for providing outstanding care, as well as inspiration to their peers….We are very proud to honor Maggie for her exemplary service that benefits those in her community.”

As Maggie joins the ranks of RNs, we thank her for her dedication and look forward to all that she will accomplish in the future!

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