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Heroes Among Us: Mita Davis, RN, BSN 

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It’s time to meet Mita! We are thrilled to continue our Cherokee Heroes series and introduce you to this month’s Cherokee Hero, Mita Davis, RN, BSN. Mita has been a pediatric nurse for more than 10 years and works in Radiology. Growing up, Mita always enjoyed helping with her aunt’s four children, and she knew from this young age that she wanted to become a pediatric nurse. In fact, her favorite part of being a nurse is that she gets to be herself. A self-described Betty Boop, Mita likes talking to everyone, and it’s evident that her outgoing personality and positive energy touch the lives of the children she cares for as well as their families. As Mita tells us, “You know you’re a nurse when you have that feeling that you’ve helped someone. You know that you’ve done your part, even if it may be a small part.” But after spending time with Mita and sensing the warmth that she brings everywhere she goes, we know that the part she plays in helping those around her is anything but small.

Here are some fun facts about Mita:

  • She describes her work as “exciting,” and even though it can be sad at times, it is incredibly fulfilling.
  • The bond with her coworkers and their strong sense of teamwork, “make her whole day awesome.”
  • Just like her stethoscope, the flower in her hair is one of her must-haves for a day on the job.
  • She’s known around the hospital as Superwoman because she once lunged onto a moving train!

Mita calls herself “vivacious,” and it’s clear that her bubbly nature, positive outlook and generous spirit make an impact on the people around her every single day. And once you watch her video, we know she’ll make an impact on you as well.

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May’s Cherokee Hero, Mita Davis, RN, BSN 

Mita Davis, a pediatric nurse in Radiology, shares her passion for working with children and their families, the significance of on-the-job teamwork as well as a personal anecdote that is bound to make you smile. The field of nursing gives Mita the opportunity to be her true self, and we’re delighted to introduce you to Mita so you can have the opportunity to get to know her true self, too.

We’re thrilled to call Mita our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

Heroes Among Us: Alicia Britt, RN 

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April is all about Alicia! We’re excited to continue our Cherokee Heroes series and introduce you to this month’s Cherokee Hero, Alicia Britt, RN. Alicia has been a cardiothoracic ICU nurse for three-and-a-half years and works at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. When she was in nursing school, she knew that she would love to work with children (whom she calls “the little people”), and appropriately, she also knew that she would love to work with the heart. And it really comes as no surprise that it’s Alicia’s heart that shines through in the work that she does. What she enjoys about nursing is the way in which every day is different, every patient is different and every day brings something new to learn. The field of medicine is always changing, and she loves how nursing “keep[s] you on your toes.” And since her coworkers compare her to Speedy Gonzales, we know those toes are moving fast at all times!

In addition to the importance of patience, compassion and a sense of humor on the job, Alicia places a great deal of value on teamwork. In fact, she follows the indispensable advice that she learned during a rotation that, “you’re only as good as your weakest link.” When people work together in an open, honest environment and are never afraid to ask questions or ask for help, it makes everybody stronger. That’s a message that comes straight from the heart.

Here are some fun facts about Alicia:

  • She loves her 49ers!
  • Her badge has bells on it that were a gift from a coworker. Now everyone knows when she’s coming around the corner.
  • She takes care of children of all ages, from newborns to 20-year-olds.
  • Details mean so much to her because the smallest changes, such as a slight change in a heart rate, can make all the difference in the ICU.

Alicia says that no matter how stressful the situations she faces may be, it’s important to be able to “smile at the end of the day.” And when you watch Alicia’s video, we know you’ll be smiling, too.

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Heroes Among Us: Bill Kenny, RN, BSN 

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We are thrilled to continue our Cherokee Heroes series and introduce you to this month’s Cherokee Hero, Bill Kenny. He has been a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for eight years, and he works in information technology. Because of his clinical experience on the floor, Bill was recruited to help design the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system so that the process is conducive to the nursing workflow. In fact, hospitals nationwide have made a big push toward EMR, and this couldn’t be possible without the knowledge, insight and expertise of nurses like Bill.

Bill has had a unique career path, as he used to be a comedy writer. And it’s clear that his sense of humor still shines through. He sometimes thinks of himself as a cartoon character who brings his comedy to work and tries to make his coworkers laugh. He’s found that his comedy, “really helps when times are tough and things get tense.” Bill tells us that he’s learned many important lessons throughout his nursing career, including just how precious every day is and not to take time for granted. And no matter what, “even in the most serious circumstances, everybody needs to laugh.”

Here are some fun facts about Bill:

  • He describes his work as precise, important and exciting.
  • His favorite part of being a pediatric nurse is that he gets to see kids every day who are just being themselves. This can’t help but bring a smile to his face.
  • His heroes are his parents, colleagues and the nurses who have gone before him.
  • He is inspired by and in awe of the amazing nurses he works with.

Bill calls working in nursing the “best reality show on Earth,” where people face challenges and are able to conquer them. We’d like to thank Bill for being one of the true heroes on this “show!”

To learn more about Bill, be sure to check out his video.

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Heroes Among Us: Nicole Palacio-Bhojwani, RN, BSN, CPHON 


Hello friends! As you may recall, last month, in honor of Cherokee Workwear’s 10-year anniversary, we launched our Cherokee Heroes series that will profile 10 inspirational nurses from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Throughout the year you’ll see a new feature video and story each month that shares the highs and lows and day-to-day dedication of these professionals.

We are delighted to introduce February’s Cherokee Hero, Nicole Palacio-Bhojwani, RN, BSN, CPHON. She’s been a nurse for four years and works in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. Aside from her big smile, what immediately struck us about Nicole is her colorful badge. It’s full of shiny stickers that she’s received from patients over the years. And not only do these stickers help her feel connected to these patients, the stickers also give her a special way to relate to new patients. Whether it’s about dinosaurs, My Little Pony, nail polish, or a love of dogs (to name a few), Nicole is always finding fun and funny ways to bond with her patients. A self-described Powerpuff Girl, she’s full of energy and is often running around “trying to kick cancer’s butt one day at a time.”

Here are some fun facts about Nicole:

  • Being a nurse is one of her favorite things about herself.
  • Her mom is her hero. (She’s an ICU nurse!)
  • She wants those pursuing nursing to remember to stay motivated and stay driven. “It won’t just be a job, it will be something more.”
  • She lives by the wisdom she received from a fellow nurse when she was just starting out: “Take time to play a little bit every day.”

To learn more about Nicole, check out our video. It won’t be long until you have a big smile on your face, too.

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February’s Cherokee Hero, Nicole Palacio-Bhojwani, RN, BSN, CPHON 

Nicole Palacio-Bhojwani, a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse, shares her favorite aspects of her profession, as well as poignant on-the-job moments and essential must-haves. She also has key advice for those interested in pursuing a career in pediatric nursing.

Where do you look for inspiration? We look to our Cherokee Hero of the Month, Nicole.