Cherokee Heroes

October’s Cherokee Hero, Kathleen Palas, RN, BSN, CPN, PHN 

Kathleen Palas, a pediatric nurse who works on the medical-surgical floor with GI patients and patients with transplants, opens up about the favorite parts of her job, her love of pediatrics as well as where she looks for inspiration. She also shares a moving and meaningful anecdote that exemplifies the profound connection between nurses and their patients.

As our Cherokee Heroes series comes to a close, we’re thrilled to call Kathleen our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

Heroes Among Us: Emily Lloyd, RN, BSN 

Emily ImageHi friends! We are delighted to continue our Cherokee Heroes series and introduce you to this month’s Cherokee Hero, Emily Lloyd. Emily has been a NICU nurse for over four years, and she works with newborns and infants who are in need of critical care. She describes herself as “rambunctious” and full of energy, which are perfect matches for the fast-paced nature of the NICU. She’s also very detail-orientated, as the NICU itself is an environment where the smallest details and changes can make all of the difference.

Since she was young, Emily knew that she wanted to go into pediatrics, and nursing was really her calling as she enjoys being able to spend full shifts with her patients as opposed to coming and going through the unit. She not only loves helping and treating her little patients, but finds getting to know their families and providing support for them every step of the way incredibly rewarding. While working in the NICU has its challenges, especially in terms of separating work-life from home-life, Emily tells us that even though there may be bad days, it’s comforting to know that there are always good days too.

Here are some fun facts about Emily:

  • While a stethoscope is one of her on-the-job must-haves, Emily feels that her “eyes” are her biggest assets, as they allow her to see and catch the slightest changes that can take place in the NICU.
  • Her advice for young nurses is to remember why they went into nursing even if they have a rough day. As Emily says, “Stick with it!”
  • She loves the outdoors, and you can often find her hiking and bike riding. Anything outside is “awesome.”
  • She says that you know you’re a nurse when the conversation in the break room is about “bodily fluids” or “wounds,” and no one seems to mind!

Emily is inspired by her coworkers, especially those with many years of experience. There are NICU nurses who have been working in the unit for 30 years or more, and their passion for their job, their patients and their patients’ families reminds Emily every day that she picked the right profession. And we couldn’t agree more!

For more about Emily, check out her inspiring video.

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September’s Cherokee Hero, Emily Lloyd, RN, BSN 

Emily Lloyd, a neonatal nurse, shares the joy she feels not only working with her young patients, but also getting to know their families and being able to provide them with care and support. Following her passion for pediatrics, Emily loves how rewarding the field of nursing can be, and she is inspired by her fellow nurses every single day.

We couldn’t be prouder to call Emily our Cherokee Hero of the Month!



August’s Cherokee Hero, Jennifer Nam, RN, BSN 

Jennifer Nam, a pediatric nurse, shares her reasons behind pursuing a career in nursing, the favorite parts of her job as well as the special and meaningful way that she connects with her patients. Jennifer also opens up about the profound significance and impact that her fellow nurses have had on her own life.

We’re delighted to call Jennifer our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

July’s Cherokee Hero, Graham Valley, RN, BSN 

Graham Valley, an ER nurse, shares his love of pediatrics, his passion for the spontaneous nature of the Emergency Department as well as key advice for men who are considering careers in nursing. Graham also relates a personal anecdote about his first day on the job and the anticipation and satisfaction he felt from knowing that he was going to be helping children for the rest of his life.

We’re thrilled to call Graham our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

Heroes Among Us: Jennifer Steib, RN, BSN 

Jennifer Steib

June is all about Jennifer! We are delighted to introduce you to this month’s Cherokee Hero, Jennifer Steib, RN, BSN, as we continue our Cherokee Heroes series. Jennifer has been a pediatric nurse for five years, and she works in the PICU at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In the PICU, she takes care of children who are the sickest of the sick, suffering from a broad range of serious health issues. For very personal reasons, Jennifer always knew from a young age that she wanted to work in pediatrics. Her brother was in and out of hospital during the first five years of his life, and the nurses went above and beyond to help her brother, as well as her and her sister, feel more comfortable and have a sense of normalcy during those difficult years. These nurses truly inspired her to pursue a career in nursing, and the positive and profound impact that they made on her is echoed every day in the way that Jennifer connects with her patients and their families.

Here are some fun facts about Jennifer:

  • Her hero is her mom, who, while dealing with chronic illness on a daily basis, raised three children who all graduated from college and have thriving careers.
  • She describes her job as rewarding and has learned to find what the child or their family is interested in so she can connect with them on a deeper level while caring for them.
  • In her spare time, you can find her running after her two children and volunteering at church in a group for moms.
  • The love she has for her family, including her extended family, is what keeps her going every single day.

For more about Jennifer, please check out her video. As Jennifer tells us, being a nurse has been “awesome every step of the way.” And we think Jennifer is truly “awesome,” too.

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June’s Cherokee Hero, Jennifer Steib, RN, BSN 

Jennifer Steib, a PICU nurse, opens up about her passion for working in pediatrics, the awe and respect she has for her patients and their families and the very personal reasons that inspired her to join the field of nursing. Jennifer also shares a touching anecdote that contains both a hint of humor as well as an extremely moving and powerful message.

We’re delighted to call Jennifer our Cherokee Hero of the Month.


May’s Cherokee Hero, Mita Davis, RN, BSN 

Mita Davis, a pediatric nurse in Radiology, shares her passion for working with children and their families, the significance of on-the-job teamwork as well as a personal anecdote that is bound to make you smile. The field of nursing gives Mita the opportunity to be her true self, and we’re delighted to introduce you to Mita so you can have the opportunity to get to know her true self, too.

We’re thrilled to call Mita our Cherokee Hero of the Month.