The Power of Pink 


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with it comes the Power of Pink.  As you may know, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, second only to skin cancer.  But with early detection and yearly improvements in treatments, millions of women and men are surviving this deadly disease.  Throughout the month, Cherokee Uniforms has asked our social media followers to tell us about people in their lives who inspire them in their fight against cancer. We’ve read about a lot of heroes—parents, children, friends and colleagues, who put a face on the fight against cancer, like this one from Amanda Shafer, RN from Hutchinson, Kansas:

“My hero is my mom!  She fought and beat breast cancer. She has continued to show me daily how to love and cherish every moment of life. She also takes care of people no matter how they treat her or what they can give back. She makes me a stronger woman and a better nurse everyday!”

We are incredibly inspired by the remarkable stories of strength, courage and perseverance, and we take pride in raising awareness and joining in your fight.

To show our support, we have special styles, looks and colors specifically designed to enable you to also show your support for this worthy and meaningful cause.

Warriors in Pink
We are honored to partner with Ford Motor Company’s Warriors in Pink initiative in their fight against breast cancer by designing a scrubs collection with the Warriors in Pink theme.

Hope for a Cure Apparel
From breast cancer ribbon embroidery to decorative and ornate prints, you can show your support with unique Cherokee looks that provide encouragement, inspiration and hope.

We Invite You to Think Pink
We have a passion for pink that spreads across our collections. What’s your pink preference? There’s no better time to get your pink on and be a champion for change!

Celebrating 10 Years of Workwear 

Cherokee_Workwear_10Year_730x365 (2)

Ten years ago, history was being made on a variety of fronts.

Facebook was launched and Google made its first public stock option. Gasoline was a paltry $2.10 per gallon. The Boston Red Sox ended “The Curse of the Bambino,” winning their first World Series since 1918.

That same year, 2004, Cherokee Workwear was born, and the high-quality, comfortable and durable medical uniforms became the go-to scrub brand for busy healthcare professionals around the world. We’ve had a lot of fun over the course of the year looking back at where we started. As Mike Singer, CEO of Strategic Partners, Inc., Cherokee’s parent company, said, “When we first envisioned the Workwear line, we were determined to create the perfect scrub with the comfort, fabric, styles and fit that healthcare professionals desired and with the value that they deserved. If the feedback we’ve received is any indicator, I believe we succeeded.”

In the last few months, we’ve focused on the evolution of Workwear and touched on the development of some of the brand’s winning styles, including the debut of Cherokee Workwear Originals in 2004, the launch of Workwear Men’s Classic in 2007 and last year’s unveiling of Workwear Premium Core Stretch for Juniors.

But what has made our 10-year celebration truly special has been hearing from healthcare professionals like you. We are so grateful for the work that you do every day and your commitment to helping others. Your outpouring of support and enthusiasm for Workwear has made this milestone incredibly memorable and meaningful.

Please continue to check for new products and follow us on Facebook for updates, inspiration, events and contests. Thank you for your continued loyalty to Cherokee Workwear. You’ve made our celebration a perfect 10. cherokee_decade_thumb

Heroes Among Us: Kathleen Palas, RN, BSN, CPN, PHN 

Kathleen Blog ImageHi friends! As we conclude our Cherokee Heroes series this month, we are so thankful for the healthcare heroes we’ve gotten to know over the year. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments and steadfast dedication to their patients, as these nurses represent the more than 2.7 million nursing professionals nationwide who selflessly devote themselves to helping others each day. In getting to know these 10 nurses from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the themes that resonated loud and clear were the importance of teamwork, the commitment to their patients, their passion for the profession and the support of colleagues. It’s apparent that these are the pillars found in hospitals and nursing facilities across the country, and nurses look to and lean on each other for strength and encouragement. To learn more about Cherokee’s celebration of on-the-job teamwork, check out our video.

And now, we’re delighted to introduce you to our final Cherokee Hero, Kathleen Palas. Kathleen has been a nurse for two years and works on the medical-surgical floor primarily with GI patients and patients with transplants. Prior to becoming a nurse, Kathleen worked in nutrition, but she knew that she wanted to pursue a profession with more patient care. Plus, she “always loved kids” and spent a lot of time babysitting, therefore she felt that a career in pediatrics was her true calling. She loves connecting with her patients in “goofy” ways and is not only inspired by their strength in the face of challenges, but the strength and support of their families as well. It’s not surprising that interacting with her patients and their families on a daily basis is Kathleen’s “favorite part” of her job.

Here are some fun facts about Kathleen:

  • She describes her work as “challenging, rewarding and fun.”
  • Her on-the-job must-haves are teamwork, the ability to multitask and think on her feet, her stethoscope and having fun.
  • In her free time, she loves being with her baby girl and doing anything outdoors.
  • She was Batman for Halloween!

Kathleen wants to encourage those who are thinking about a career in nursing to go for it. She feels it’s a great profession as well as a great way to “meet people.” There are also so many different specialties to choose from that you will be able to find your niche and truly thrive. We are so glad that Kathleen followed her own advice to become a nurse, and we’d like to thank all of our Cherokee Heroes for pursuing their passion for nursing!

For more about Kathleen, check out her inspiring video.

Love her look? Kathleen is wearing a Cherokee Workwear Originals V-Neck Knit Top in Sweet Orchid and a Cherokee Workwear Drawstring Pant in Sweet Orchid.

The Art of Fashion 

Hi Cherokee devotees! It’s famed fashion designer John Galliano who said, “The joy of dressing is an art,” and that’s certainly true when it comes to your work wardrobe. Fashion and art have always been interlinked, and that’s why we are always on the lookout to connect with artists to help us create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that bring the art world into the world of healthcare. This season, we are thrilled to debut a print by Parisian-based artist Annika Wester, as she adds her artistic eye and unique style to create one of Runway’s hottest winter prints.Annika

Annika was born in Sweden and studied print and painting at the Hovedskou School of Art in Gothenburg as well as the Academy of Art in Budapest. She combines her love of nature, clothing and music to create works with intricate detailing and subtle elegance. We so enjoyed working with Annika, and we are confident you’ll enjoy working in Annika’s print. Get ready to receive compliments!

To see more of Annika’s artistic creations and distinctive style, visit her website and Facebook page.

When it comes to Annika’s standout Runway top, just say, “Oui!”

Heroes Among Us: Emily Lloyd, RN, BSN 

Emily ImageHi friends! We are delighted to continue our Cherokee Heroes series and introduce you to this month’s Cherokee Hero, Emily Lloyd. Emily has been a NICU nurse for over four years, and she works with newborns and infants who are in need of critical care. She describes herself as “rambunctious” and full of energy, which are perfect matches for the fast-paced nature of the NICU. She’s also very detail-orientated, as the NICU itself is an environment where the smallest details and changes can make all of the difference.

Since she was young, Emily knew that she wanted to go into pediatrics, and nursing was really her calling as she enjoys being able to spend full shifts with her patients as opposed to coming and going through the unit. She not only loves helping and treating her little patients, but finds getting to know their families and providing support for them every step of the way incredibly rewarding. While working in the NICU has its challenges, especially in terms of separating work-life from home-life, Emily tells us that even though there may be bad days, it’s comforting to know that there are always good days too.

Here are some fun facts about Emily:

  • While a stethoscope is one of her on-the-job must-haves, Emily feels that her “eyes” are her biggest assets, as they allow her to see and catch the slightest changes that can take place in the NICU.
  • Her advice for young nurses is to remember why they went into nursing even if they have a rough day. As Emily says, “Stick with it!”
  • She loves the outdoors, and you can often find her hiking and bike riding. Anything outside is “awesome.”
  • She says that you know you’re a nurse when the conversation in the break room is about “bodily fluids” or “wounds,” and no one seems to mind!

Emily is inspired by her coworkers, especially those with many years of experience. There are NICU nurses who have been working in the unit for 30 years or more, and their passion for their job, their patients and their patients’ families reminds Emily every day that she picked the right profession. And we couldn’t agree more!

For more about Emily, check out her inspiring video.

Love her look? Emily is wearing a Cherokee Workwear Originals Maternity V-Neck Knit Panel Top in Navy and a Cherokee Workwear Maternity Knit Waist Pull-On Pant in Navy. We are excited to announce that Emily welcomed her new baby late last year!

Fall Fashion Ready 

With fall fast approaching, there’s no better time to take your look from faded to fresh. We have the fashion 411 on the most-wanted pieces of the season. Updating your style is a snap with our trendy tips for fall.

Top Picks

Summer may be gone, but bright prints and patterns are certainly here to stay. You’ll find fun florals, hot houndstooth and patchwork that pops to take your fall tops from frumpy to fabulous.

Flexibles: Pattern Pieces

Flexibles: Pattern Pieces

Runway Prints Well Suited

Runway: Well Suited

Solids that Rock

Solids are just that – solid staples in any work wardrobe. But don’t be afraid to go bold. This season, look for colors inspired by purple and green to add some fashion-forward flair to classic style and comfort.

Luxe: Mock Wrap Top in Plum Berry

Luxe: Mock Wrap Top in Plum Berry

Luxe V-Neck Top in Hunter

Luxe: V-Neck Top in Hunter

Cherokee Workwear Premium Mock Wrap in Bordeaux

Cherokee Workwear Premium: Mock Wrap in Bordeaux

Mix it Up

They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s no different when it comes to your work outfits. Forget the matchy-matchy of yesterday and mix up collections, colors and prints. Creating your own unique blend of style and comfort is what makes the fall season so fun.

Mix and Match


Details Please

Step away from the ordinary and go for the ornate. These tops have cuts, embellishments and embroidery that add a touch of elegance to every piece. Elevating your style has never been so easy.

Runway V-Neck

Runway: V-Neck Top in Pewter

Runway V-Neck Top in

Runway: V-Neck Top in White

Say Cheese

Wearing Mickey Mouse is a fall fashion do. Disney-inspired prints will bring a smile to your patients’ faces, as well as your own. And remember, a smile is the best accessory. It’s always in season!

Minnie LAmour

Tooniforms: Minnie L’Amour

Spinning a Yarn Black

Tooniforms: Spinning a Yarn Black


Falling for Fall 

What comes to mind when you think of fall? Leaves changing? School starting? The weather is getting cooler, and we have hot new colors that will bring some wow to your work wardrobe. But be warned, wearing these must-have hues may make others green with envy, and we promise that’s not purple prose. Both fashionable and flattering, our new tones inspired by green and purple are the perfect way to spice up your look with a little fall seasoning. No matter what your go-to Cherokee collection, cut and style may be, we have the shade that’s sure to make you look sharp, along with the quality and comfort you’ve come to depend on. Here’s what’s in store…

Cherokee Workwear Premium Mock Wrap in Bordeaux

Cherokee Workwear Premium: Mock Wrap in Bordeaux

Flexibles Prints Around the Square

Flexibles Prints: Around the Square

Flexibles Prints Garden Medley

Flexibles Prints: Garden Medley

Flexibles Prints Doodle Butterfly

Flexibles Prints: Doodle Butterfly

Flexibles V-Neck Knit Panel Top and Mid-Rise Knit Waist Pull-On Pant in Pine

Flexibles: V-Neck Knit Panel Top and Mid-Rise Knit Waist Pull-On Pant in Pine

Runway Prints The Frill of Flying

Runway Prints: The Frill of Flying

Runway Prints Well Suited

Runway Prints: Well Suited

Luxe V-Neck Top in Hunter

Luxe: V-Neck Top in Hunter

Mock Wrap Top in Plum Berry

Luxe: Mock Wrap Top in Plum Berry

Heroes Among Us: Jennifer Nam, RN, BSN 

Jennifer Nam Blog PhotoHello friends! We are thrilled to continue our Cherokee Heroes series and introduce this month’s Cherokee Hero, Jennifer Nam. Jennifer has been a pediatric nurse for two years, and she works with children with trach ventilators, pulmonary and respiratory issues as well as patients with diabetes. Jennifer pursued a career in nursing because she wanted to do something meaningful and important in the lives of others, and what she soon discovered is how much meaning and importance it brought into her own life. Every day on the job is different from the next, and while she never knows what she may encounter when she walks into work, she knows that each day is going to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Her favorite part of her job is not only working with children and helping them feel better, but also getting to know their families and being able to provide them with care and support. She enjoys connecting with her patients in special ways, whether it’s bonding over a love of dogs (She always wears a button of her adorable two-year-old dog, Tate!) or even having an impromptu jam session complete with musical instruments. It’s no wonder that Jennifer describes herself as “silly” and “a big kid.”

Here are some fun facts about Jennifer:

  • She finds her work to be adventurous, fun and rewarding.
  • Her five must-haves are sleep, her badge, her stethoscope, a good attitude and the support of her coworkers and family.
  • Her heroes are her parents who inspired her to work hard, her husband who is incredibly encouraging and her fellow coworkers. She and her coworkers “lean on each other and look to each other to be inspired.”
  • She grew up loving Belle from Beauty and the Beast because Belle is smart, well-read and fearless. As Jennifer says, Belle “would make a great nurse!”

Jennifer tells us that you know you’re a nurse when you can’t help but give advice to your friends, and you always want to watch over the people you care about. And it’s Jennifer’s compassion, selflessness and caring nature that truly inspire us and make us proud to call her our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

For more about Jennifer, check out her inspiring video.

Love her look? Jennifer is wearing a Cherokee Workwear Originals Round Neck Top in Red and a Cherokee Workwear Originals Low-Rise Drawstring Cargo Pant in Red.

A Nurse I Am 

A Nurse I AmHello friends! Here at Cherokee, we take pride in supporting healthcare workers, whether it’s through comfortable, high quality medical apparel, footwear and accessories, or through scholarship, volunteer and recognition programs. One such program is the A Nurse I Am Film and Scholarship program, which awards nursing students $2,000 to help defray the cost of their education. Since 2007, we’ve had the privilege and pleasure of providing 80 scholarships totaling $160,000 to stand-out student nurses around the country.

Nursing student winners are selected based on their essays written in response to the inspirational and award-winning film, “A Nurse I Am,” produced by Cherokee to help encourage and instruct nurses and students in their profession. Applicants were asked to watch the film and address the question of how they might balance patient-focused care with heavy workloads and increased demands. Some thoughtful responses from a few of this year’s 10 winning essays include:

“Nurses and student nurses must understand that patient-centered care requires not only rigorous training, testing and licensing but also the proper motivation. It requires true empathy and humility.” – Derrick Jepsen, Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona

“To prevent the mentality of goal-focused care, I will first improve my communication technique. This includes communication to the patient, family, and the rest of the health care team. Communication is integral to better patient outcomes, and I intend to actively create as many positive outcomes as possible.” – April Narvaez, University of Houston-Victoria in Sugarland, Texas

“In light of this video my mission for my future nursing career is to never stop learning and to never be satisfied with my current level of expertise, but to continue improving my comprehension and apply these skills to help others. To take a holistic approach and see my patients for whom they are as people physically, emotionally, and spiritually, not just for their symptoms.” – Megan Cahill, Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon

Congratulations to these and all the winners of this year’s scholarship. To see a full list of  winners, read their essays and learn more about the Scholarship program, click here.

Are you a student nurse or know someone who is? Entry for the 2015 A Nurse I Am Scholarship begins in November. And be sure to “like” Cherokee Uniforms on Facebook for up-to-date A Nurse I Am Scholarship info and pass it along to all the eligible students you know.

Stories that Inspire 

J.Ferrara Photography Inc

Hi friends! Here at Cherokee, we are always in awe of the work that healthcare professionals do each day. Their selfless and unwavering support of their patients, their dedication to causes they believe in and their passion for making a difference in the lives of others are what truly inspire us.

Today we have the opportunity to share one such story with you, as we profile Maggie Knight, a recent nursing school graduate. During her time at Stony Brook University, Maggie ran four charitable organizations, volunteered hundreds of hours of her time and steadfastly worked to raise funds for cancer. In fact, due to her hard work and commitment to fighting cancer, Stony Brook University received a charitable grant from the LIVESTRONG Foundation for a student-run camp for children of cancer patients. Because of Maggie’s altruism and generosity, she was also the winner of our 11th Annual Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award in the student nurse category. Mike Singer, CEO of Cherokee Uniforms, recognized Maggie for her dedication, compassion and commitment to those who are so deserving of help. Reflecting on the award he said, “She joins all of this year’s winners as a model for providing outstanding care, as well as inspiration to their peers….We are very proud to honor Maggie for her exemplary service that benefits those in her community.”

As Maggie joins the ranks of RNs, we thank her for her dedication and look forward to all that she will accomplish in the future!

Click here to learn more about Maggie and this year’s five other Inspired Comfort Award winners.

Know an unsung healthcare hero? Share his or her story on our Blog.